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If you can see it or hear it,                           Sympholynn can be it.

From a String Quartet to a full-sized string orchestra, SYMPHOLYNN is available and customizable

in the configuration of your choice for your

private party, corporate event or wedding celebration.

Our extensive Repertoire List is continually growing and

constantly updating with popular new titles in multiple genres.

SYMPHOLYNN proudly customizes every client's list for every event

from the very first note to the final chord.

Click here for a list of titles, genres and audio samples.

Specially reserved for our high-end particular clients,

SYMPHOLYNN offers the luxurious option

to color-match our string ensemble's wardrobe to your event

in stylish couture gowns or cocktail attire.

View examples in our Gallery and please inquire for more details.


SYMPHOLYNN comes equipped with sound reinforcement

and audio engineers for your event, if desired or necessary,

as part of our full-service music production company

Violution Music Alliance, LLC.

We additionally offer professional live recordings

of our entertainment that are mixed and mastered in-house

by our highly respected Producers in the record industry.

Let's make your event one for the books!  Contact us today!

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